Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainable Development




  • Communication Strategy: For both private companies and public organizations, the marketplace is a crowded, competitive and often non-forgiving arena. Customers and stakeholders are bombarded with messages, images and impressions. Marketing and communications dollars are often wasted. Without an organized marketing and communications strategy, brands become diluted and marketing messages become unclear and inefficient – this can put your entire effort in jeopardy.
  • Strategic Planning: Without an effective plan an organization or community cannot enjoy sustainable growth. We assist both in developing or enhancing strategies to guide short and long-term actions. SHORT ENTERPRISES provides expertise every step of the way: benchmarking, data collection and analysis, asset mapping, stakeholder and public facilitation, strategy development, and design.
  • Economic Development ProgramWe offer a full suite of planning services related to economic development. Our action plans prioritize a community's economic objectives while identifying specific activities and resources needed to achieve these objectives. These strategies are based on rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis of current political, social and economic trends and opportunities.
  • Community Development ProgramWe work with federal agencies, state and local governments, and nonprofit organizations engaged in high-profile, large-scale community development programs to build physically, socially and economically viable communities.
  • Business Development & Consulting: Our goal is to assist companies in facilitating and promoting business development, procurement, marketing and sales representation, utilizing our marketing and business expertise and through our network of affiliates, partners, contacts and sales representatives. We are flexible in working on a specific one-time project or as an integral member of your team.
  • Proposal DevelopmentEach proposal varies in complexity depending on the RFP requirements and are priced accordingly. Please email the RFP to us so we can review and provide you with a quote for developing and preparing the proposal.
  • Collaboration Facilitation: We live in an open source world where ideas need to be shared across numerous sectors simultaneously. Facilitating effective and lasting collaboration requires a specialized skillset. We have a demonstrated ability to develop strong multi-community collaborations focused on economic development strategies.
  • Real Estate Analysis: We help universities, communities, and organizations guide their real estate efforts with realistic expectations and an effective approach. Our process blends stakeholder input, quantitative data and our understanding of current economic dynamics. Our team has earned a reputation for effectively combining rigorous analytical capabilities with a practical emphasis on implementation.
  • Public Policy Analysis: Public policy can have both intended and unintended outcomes. Our experts and collaborative partners have developed and researched public policy in the key areas of economic development, transportation, energy, technology and workforce development. We can evaluate existing policy and advise on the development of new policy to best achieve a client's key objectives.
  • Economic Impact Analysis: Gauging the economic impact of any new program, policy or infrastructure project is a critical component to any planning process. SHORT ENTERPRISES considers real-time information such as pending industry expansions or other development with the quantitative analysis to provide a more robust economic picture. We delve into a variety of data sources and information in order to analyze the economic structure and develop a keen understanding of a community's economic anatomy and how it links to the broader economy.
  • Market Intelligence: While data itself is not unique, recognizing the relevance and potential application of that information is crucial. Emphasizing both qualitative and quantitative market intelligence, we focus on discovering assets, resources and trends that may not be readily apparent through statistical data alone. We interpret data to guide our clients.