Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainable Development

Communication Strategy

For both private companies and public organizations, the marketplace is a crowded, competitive and often non-forgiving arena. Customers and stakeholders are bombarded with messages, images and impressions. Marketing and communications dollars are often wasted. Without an organized marketing and communications strategy, brands become diluted and marketing messages become unclear and inefficient – this can put your entire effort in jeopardy.

SHORT ENTERPRISES examines the big picture surrounding our client's marketing and communications needs by tailoring our recommendations to each of our clients and their individual goals. We stay on the cutting edge of emerging marketing techniques, new and social media and creative information design practices to offer a fresh outlook to your business. We are not a marketing firm; We are strategists considering the big picture for your organization.

Many public organizations fail to recognize that, although they have differing missions, their business progression should be very similar to that of private industry. SHORT ENTERPRISES takes into consideration each client's growth stage and creates a customized plan using the services below for optimal marketing results. Each of the services listed below can be applied in any growth stage, however, generally are weighted differently for each stage and depend on desired needs/results.


We know that one size does not fit all. After understanding your objectives and reviewing your existing materials, we quickly get to know your people and target communities through interviews, surveys and other forms of data-gathering.

Bringing expertise from across many industries, organizations and niches, we define a customized communications strategy that fits your people, timeline, audiences and budget; then we produce the materials and work with your team to implement all activities.

From comprehensive services for complex projects to a quick polishing of various types of materials, we ensure that your story and presentation are clear, persuasive, fulfill their purpose and distinctively communicate "you."

Our strategic communications and marketing work drives audiences to take desired actions and ultimately to influence behavior. Our comprehensive communications services include:

  • Communications audits of your materials and organizational audits of your people and systems.
  • Strategic communications and marketing plans, programs and implementation in all media.
  • Support for both internal and external communications initiatives — and ensuring their integration.
  • Fundraising communications plans, case statements, prospectuses, print collateral and websites.
  • Whitepapers, executive communications, newsletters and other business materials.
  • Counsel for improving your communications team and structure, professional development and coaching.
  • Marketing/fundraising communications project management.
  • Interim communications management.
  • Research and planning, including focus groups and surveys.
  • Marketing, advertising, messaging, and branding.
  • Creative development and production in all mediums.Media planning and buying.
  • Social and interactive media.
  • Public relations and community outreach.
  • Partnerships and stakeholder engagement.
  • Campaign and program evaluation.

  • Meetings and events.
    From large-scale, national campaigns to highly targeted local outreach, we employ a four-step communications process that consistently delivers results for clients:
  • Understanding expectations and audiences.
  • Designing a strategic plan, messaging and outreach materials.
  • Implementing the plan and adapting to new opportunities.
  • Evaluating progress to measure value along the way.

Our communications evaluations emphasize outcomes. We also evaluate tactics against special performance metrics, including reach, frequency, re-tweets, Facebook likes and blog links.