Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainable Development

Market Intelligence

While data itself is not unique, recognizing the relevance and potential application of that information is crucial. Emphasizing both qualitative and quantitative market intelligence, we focus on discovering assets, resources and trends that may not be readily apparent through statistical data alone. We interpret data to guide our clients.

Our Market Intelligence services include community capacity analysis, workforce analysis, targeted industry opportunities, economic and demographic research, cluster development and green product market development strategy.

We work with you in a strategic practical way to engage with communities to align assets and attract emerging or existing industry opportunities. Our experience and research with corporate site selection projects provides us with practical insight into where and why certain industry sectors invest.

SHORT ENTERPISES has a proven track record of pursuing nationally recognized definitions of green innovation and jobs creation and continues to work with stakeholders who are seeking to support and attract jobs and lead large scale redevelopment and expansion efforts of groundbreaking proportion.