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Funding Alerts: New York State Plans Global Connections

May 08, 2014 at 11:18 PM

By Aishik Barua, Contributing Writer

The Central New York Regional Economic Development Council conducted a workshop on May 8, 2014 on the consolidated funding application process that has been put in place by the State of New York.

Business owners looking to expand their horizons and new project developers across a number of industries in the Central New York (CNY) area were apprised of the new guidelines and systems in place to help them realize their economic and financial visions.

Over the last three years, CNY has received about $264.4 million in funds for a sum total of 266 projects. This year, the State will be disbursing funds to the tune of $750 million through 30 programs with the help of 12 state agencies to achieve the following goals:

  1. Strengthen targeted industry concentrations that leverage unique economic assets;
  2. Improve competitiveness in and connections within the regional and global landscape;
  3. Revitalize the region’s urban cores, streets, neighborhoods, etc.

It was clear from the council’s directives and guidelines that submitted proposals and plans that strive to achieve one or more of the above mentioned goals, along with the ultimate goal of helping the region create global connections, will be given more thorough consideration. Therefore, projects with global marketing and export strategies will be viewed more favorably.

The council also stressed on more eco-friendly and green-efficient projects, and projects designed to facilitate veterans’ employment. Various industries, including, health, arts & cultural tourism, investment programs, agriculture, infrastructure, waterfront revitalization systems and education were mentioned as important areas of new project development.

A special area of interest for the administration are minority- and women-owned businesses. Governor Cuomo wants has assigned a special task force to actively research into the scope and scale of such organizations and the means to help them grow.

State agencies present at the workshop to talk about the variety of funding programs are as mentioned below:

  1. Business assistance: ESD, DOL, DOS CSBG
  2. Community development: Parks, HCR, Canals, Arts, DOS LWPF, DOS LGE
  3. Energy efficiency and environmental improvement: EFC, NYPA, DEC, NYSERDA

The online application process has already started and will accept submissions until June 16 (4:00 PM). Another important date is August 15, 2014 when the Regional Council Progress Report and Scores are due. Following this, on a date yet to be announced, during the Fall of this year, the financial rewards will be presented to individual winning projects.

For any queries, please contact ESD CNY Regional Director, Mr. Jim Fayle at or 315-425-9110, and you could also visit

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