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March 03, 2015 at 12:22 PM

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As more people rely on the internet to gather information on organizations, it's clear that digital, or web-based, public relations (PR), must become a central component of every organization’s communications and marketing efforts. Digital PR can serve many purposes and take many forms. From increased traffic to your website to positioning your organization as an authoritative voice in your industry, the benefits of digital PR are countless for organizations that choose to employ it.

Digital PR is often confused with search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. While there is indeed overlap among the three, the primary focus of digital PR is developing mutually beneficial relationships between your organization and its various constituencies. Digital PR allows organizations to directly engage with their target audience, creating meaningful and substantive interactions which can increase visibility and enhance reputation. Digital PR usually follows 4 major stages:

Goal Setting & Targeting Stage: We work with our clients to identify what they are trying to accomplish, their long-term goals or the challenges they are trying to address. This will heavily impact what groups of people, or “publics,”  the campaign we develop will focus on.

Awareness & Coalition Building Stage: We start with leveraging your organization’s established relationships with collaborators and partners, capitalizing on these alliances to create beneficial outcomes for all parties involved. Using the same process, new potential collaborators and partners will also be identified and pursued. Harnessing the shared reach and assets of partner institutions will help in leveraging your organization’s resources. This stage will also involve creating additional awareness through blogs, RSS Feeds, press releases and developing long-term meaningful professional relationships with journalists.

Engagement & Interaction Stage: During this stage, we begin engaging the targeted publics essential to the success of the overall digital PR campaign for your organization. This stage is rooted in quality research regarding the target audiences, their interests, and needs.

  • Building Brand Loyalty: Substantive, meaningful and ongoing engagement with your organization’s target publics will help in creating top of mind awareness and 3rd party endorsements.

Monitoring, Evaluation, & Refinement Stage: Effective public relations, whether traditional or web-based, is rooted in constant monitoring, data collection and evaluation of progress and impact. This will ensure that your efforts are working and can be continually refined to ensure optimal impact and outcomes.

Why choose Short Enterprises?

Short Enterprises is an award-winning boutique consultancy that draws upon a proven track record of assisting clients in developing effective public relations strategies and campaigns in various industries.

We have experience developing and implementing communications and engagement campaigns for real estate development initiatives, health care providers, businesses, colleges and universities, economic development entities and non-profit organizations. Different industries require different strategies, different publics, different messaging -- one size doesn’t fit all in public relations.

Short Enterprises leverages its international reach and global partnerships, our expertise in facilitating collaboration, public and community engagement, and marketing and communications to ensure that your efforts include the right players, are properly aligned with public goals, and are marketed to the right audiences.

We live in an open source world where ideas need to be shared across numerous sectors simultaneously. Facilitating effective and lasting collaboration requires a specialized skill set and we have a demonstrated ability to develop strong multi-community, cross-sector, public/private/non-profit partnerships and collaborations.

As part of our strategic, step-by-step, and practical approach, we work with clients to tailor the strongest communications and messaging tools and identify the resources needed to execute on those plans.Such services are utilized in support of broader strategies and ultimately, successful and measurable outcomes.Developing a message for distribution and the medium used to communicate that message often plays an important role in desired outcomes.

Understanding both ends of this spectrum, we are always striving to utilize cutting-edge marketing and communication trends to create innovative strategies for implementation, to analyze and refine existing plans, and manage campaigns to ensure information effectively reaches your desired audience.

We also assist in developing the key conceptual building blocks necessary to build a strong brand from the ground up. This service can include recommendations on creative design and ongoing management of image assets to build a consistent identity across multiple channels in support of your overall strategy and agenda. We view effective branding and marketing communications as a central tenet in our interdisciplinary approach to solving complex challenges and exceeding client expectations.

Developing and implementing effective outcomes oriented digital PR strategies and campaigns can have a significant impact for any organization. Whether you’re a health care organization working to grow your patient referrals and geographic reach, a business attempting to enhance your reputation or drive business development, or a nonprofit launching a donor development and fundraising campaign, our digital PR services can help any organization fulfill its mission.

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