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Startup Insider: Social Weddings R Us

July 21, 2014 at 9:25 AM

The Next level in Saving Special Memories

Written by Aishik Barua || Short Report

PALM SPRINGS, CA - With the first generation that thrived on social media slowly reaching that age where they start getting married and settling down, a new start-up aims to use the generation’s most powerful tool to make their most special days an everlasting memory in the virtual sphere. Social Weddings R Us plans to use social media in many innovative ways to document weddings that has never been done before.

In Palm Springs, California an enterprising social media enthusiast with a penchant for weddings has created a smart business model. The brain behind Social Weddings R Us, Lorren Repton, explains her venture, “Although we are based on social media platforms and depend on the $55 billion wedding industry, we use the "human element" in our model. Our Social Ambassadors as we call them—after vetting and skill testing—facilitate and perform social media tasks onsite at the weddings. It’s like having your personal social media wedding concierge. ”

Her services include: setting up a Facebook page for the happy couple dedicated to their wedding and the days leading to it, live tweeting, vining, posting on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as live streaming through Google Hangouts. The Social Ambassadors on site will take up the onus of tweeting, vining and posting images on Instagram. However, they will not stop at that. They will also encourage the wedding guests to take spontaneous pictures at the event and post them on the various social networks using a specific hashtag. Once a sufficient number of images from the wedding and events associated with it are online, Repton’s ambassadors will use something akin to a Google Chromecast USB device to project those images continuously on to a large screen at the event.

While the details of these services are being fine-tuned and Social Ambassadors are being hired, Repton is also in talks with wedding planners and regular wedding venues such as resorts and hotels to help propagate her business idea and create solid relationships that, once the 2014/2015 wedding season starts, will turn into business associations and firm contracts.

For a journalist and marketing professional with experience as a brand ambassador, Repton’s skills are in the right place for a venture of this kind and scale. She is concentrating on getting the word out through her favorite medium: social media. She has been generating at least 20 new followers on Twitter every day and is garnering a solid Pinterest presence. Her business idea has also been featured in a number of platforms.

When asked why she thinks her enterprise will succeed, Repton offers, “Because I have the drive, love social media and weddings, and I will be giving back in the way of jobs to communities with the social ambassador opportunities. I have also recently partnered with a non-profit that grants wedding wishes to couples experiencing hardships.”

Hopefully, her vision and passion will bear fruit in the near future and we will be here to see Social Weddings R Us grow to the scale that Repton believes it should and beyond.

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