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Syracuse Startup Adds Two Professionals to the Team

May 26, 2014 at 2:24 PM

By Aishik Barua

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK - In a bid to move forward with its work in the community and endeavoring to create an impact nationally and globally, founder W. Michael Short of Short Enterprises is expanding his team to include two young, enterprising and talented professionals: Caitlin Moriarty will serve as Director of Engagement and Aishik Barua as Communications Manager.

Moriarty received her M.A. in Arts Leadership Administration from Syracuse University while serving as a Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship Engagement Fellow. She is actively involved with the Janklow Arts Leadership Alumni Network at Syracuse University of which she is the president and co-founder.

Moriarty has a deep passion for working within communities to help improve their quality of life, economy, and stability. She plans to effect these changes by leveraging the pioneering local arts and cultural ecosystems.

When asked why she chose this career path and the reason for collaborating with Short, she says, “I specifically remember an article I read years ago that sparked my passion. It was about two guys in Omaha, Nebraska who purchased a block of abandoned warehouses and turned it into an art complex including a showcase venue, a studio and a restaurant. As a result, the creative class increased in that area and real estate values skyrocketed. I remember thinking that I wanted to be able to do that. And I feel Michael has the same vision.”

Barua received a B.A. in Mass Communications and Journalism from India's premier university for the study of communications. While in school he worked as a media liaison and account executive in a number of Indian news and media outlets, including Spenta Multimedia, STAR India Pvt. Ltd. and 93.5 Red FM, before heading to Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management for an MBA. 

“The opportunity from Michael and Short Enterprises came about at the right time and is the perfect platform to hone my skills,” said Barua. "I'm excited to be part of the team."

Both these new recruits agreed that they decided to collaborate with Short Enterprises because of its youthful vibe and its immense potential for future growth, considering it is in a unique position to get the resources, money and tools together for community developers with a mission to boost economy and maintain an eco-friendly environment.

“We are especially thankful for our friends at Syracuse University, such as David C. DiMaggio at the Center for Advanced Systems and Engineering, for helping make introductions that made these opportunities possible,” said Short. “Engagement with community anchor institutions really does make a difference in small business development and expansion.”

For more information or clarification, please contact Aishik Barua, Short Enterprises Communications Manager, at or 917-951-1898.


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