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No one creates jobs like businesses create jobs. While communities want job creation and businesses want a strong community to call home, sometimes the two just don't speak the same language. Turns out, a "good business climate" means more than just tax breaks. A skilled and educated workforce, quality of place and a network of support services all play important roles in attracting business. It also so happens that none of those factors depend on traditional municipal boundaries. We work to ensure that regions that work together in offering their communities complementary, instead of competing, amenities achieve the highest levels of success possible.

Whether assessing new market opportunities or new locations, the expansion of any business is a complex endeavor. While the process represents a significant financial and logistical commitment, when done effectively, it results in a new opportunity for future growth and new investments. Our team has worked with businesses, trade associations and communities in various project capacities.

For businesses looking to relocate and communities looking to attract business, our services include comparative market analysis, community assessments and incentives negotiations. For businesses looking to create new products or enter new markets, our team provides a unique approach and vision to developing market strategies, with a focus on the triple bottom line.