Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainable Development

Community & Economic Developers

  • Communities across the country are exploring their options for sustainable growth over the long term in the face of fewer resources at their disposal. Innovative models for sustainable growth and long term prosperity are being pursued across the country: clean tech, entrepreneurial development, urban redensification, asset-based community and economic development, knowledge and tech-based cluster development, and so on.
  • Identifying the most cost effective approach and best utilization of resources is a difficult task. Even more challenging is the task of putting together a practical and actionable plan for bringing community partners to the table – local governments, state and federal representatives, economic and community development professionals, residents and funding partners – in pursuit of mutually beneficial outcomes. Knowing who to include and how best to include them is crucial.
  • Short Enterprises utilizes a proven approach that aligns community assets and stakeholders with the ultimate goal of leveraging the resources and buy-in of partners with the ultimate goal of pursuing emerging and/or existing opportunities.